Art In The Garden- Silent Auction 2017

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Gardeners! Our Silent Auction is one of the largest fundraising elements of Art In The Garden, and we hope to grow it more this year. To do that, we need everyone’s help – and there’s something that everyone can do. Here’s are some quick resources, feel free to contact Kelsey or Kay if you have suggestions, questions, or just need more info.
Silent Auction Tool Kit: From this page, find links to a number of forms that you can use in seeking Silent Auction donations:

1)  A customizable letter that you can use in an email, or hand to a  business owner.
2) A copy of the P-Patch Trust’s 501C3 (non-profit) certification, that proves that any donation to our silent auction is a charitable donation. The Ballard P-Patch operates under the fiscal sponsorship of  GROW, formerly the P-Patch Trust.
3) A ‘script’ that you could use as a guideline for a phone call or an in-person chat with a business owner. Many of us have found it most effective to drop in on a business and chat with the owner or manager, and leave behind items 1 &2 above – then follow up with a phone call.  We have also provided a script for making donation requests on social media and community forums.
4) A “donation form” that the business owner should fill out and return to you, so that we can appropriately value the item, and know what is coming. This will also allow us to send them a thank you follow up note.

Who might donate?  You’d be surprised how willing businesses are to donate to our cause, especially if they are local. Consider asking for a gift certificate or in-kind donation from your:

  • salon or spa
  • personal trainer or gym
  • chiropractor or masseuse
  • manicurist
  • house cleaner
  • pet groomer or sitter
  • favorite bar, restaurant, brewery, coffee shop, etc.
  • favorite sports teams
  • florist
  • pet supply store
  • source for music lessons, cooking classes, language instruction, etc.
  • other favorite local businesses (e.g. cycling shop, kitchen or home store, bookstore, nursery)

Share your own expertise:
Our garden is full of people with such talent and experience. Hugely popular donations are items like: a couple hours of weeding at their home, a cookie of the month delivery (or desert, or loaf of bread or…), holiday gift wrapping, a couple hour session teaching pickling/ canning, pie baking, bike maintenance, garden design. Think about what you like to do, and what you might be able to share with someone else. Can’t think of a skill to share? How about providing several items to put together a themed basket? Make your own or just gather the items and the Silent Auction team will pack them in a basket for you. Make your own or just gather the items and the Silent Auction team will pack them in a basket for you. Need some ideas check out the Basket Idea page.

Day of the Event Help:
You can also contribute by offering to help set up the silent auction, to work a 2 hour shift on the day of the event, or to deliver goods to winning bidders after the auction. This year, we’re placing the Silent Auction at the top of the stairs into the garden – we’ll have lots of room, more artist donations, and we’re counting on you to help with contributions and volunteer staffing.