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June 2015 All-Garden Monthly Meeting

June Monthly All-Garden Meeting Minutes

6-14-2015; NOMA Condominium in Ballard


Roy B, Tom C, Tom K, Diane Z, Corinne K, Anne J, Ann C, Stacia L, Shawn M

BUDGET: No hard numbers to provide tonight. To date, receipts for the realignment project total approximately $1000. Kimberly will track our expenses in two places: expenditures for realignment, and general expenses. We need to be very specific about which items are realignment related, so Lance at GROW doesn’t reimburse those funds from our general bank account. Diane offered that maybe we should run receipts for the realignment through her.

REALIGNMENT GRANT: The realignment project window (i.e. the time we’re allowed to spend grant money  is from May 26 2015 through May 30 2016, although volunteer hours may be included after Feb 2 2015. Diane will submit status reports, and notify them of any necessary items or tasks that weren’t included in plans submitted, or explain work or cost that might come into question. Diane reminded everyone that in addition to work party sign-in sheets, GROW’s insurance requires that name and contact information be included for all, but especially for those who are not a part of our garden. Diane said she’d check to see if we can turn in our volunteer hours for the grant work all at once (like we do for our regular hours) or if they’ll want more frequent submissions.

NEW “WELCOME” GARDEN FENCE: A frequent Giving Garden volunteer, Molly McGill, offered to bring several of her co-workers to work on a project. She also provided a $500 donation for supplies and other needs, which was provided by her employer. Tom K led Molly and her coworkers to rebuild the fence facing 25th Ave. These volunteers took a day away from work, digging holes, sinking posts, and installing 32’ of new fence. They also dug out some of our pathways, and added chips where possible. Molly purchased and donated the supplies to rebuild the fence,as well as  a post hole digger, a hose reel (the same type as the one at the SE water station), a new hammer, and gloves.  A thank-you note will be brought to the next work party for gardeners to sign – we owe Molly, her coworkers, and her employer a big thank-you for their time, labor, and generous donation.

REALIGNMENT SCHEDULE PLANS: In general, the period for realignment work will occur between May 26 2015-May 31 2016.  We expect that major pathwork will occur in October, and we’ll work in either “quadrants” or “runs”. The time frame for performing required volunteer hours will remain the same (Oct 1-Sept 30 cycle). Diane reminded us that any hours spent working on realignment projects must be recorded in two places: hours to be submitted for realignment work, and hours for our general volunteer requirement.

We plan to lay-out the watering head installation and changes over the summer, as well as try to coordinate the work for water pipes and conduit for a below-ground electrical connection  from the stairs to the patio. It should be best if we can rent the trencher once, and do all the work at the same time. Diane stated that only the new NW water station was included in our approved plans, so we’ll have to reexamine that at a later date.

RECLAMATION OF WEST SIDE OF SOUTH BANK: The top row of econoblocks, east of the stairs, are only there temporarily. When we begin work this fall, they’ll be relocated for use as a foundation for the retaining wall on the west half of the bank. We’d like to build Gabion walls (metal cages filled with rocks), which Frank has experience with. We will need to consult with a Geoengineer before we go much further. We’ll also need to touch base with Frank, Julie, and the church.

GIVING GARDEN: the Giving Garden plots have all been very productive this year. Roy states the spinach and herbs have been especially good.

NEXT MEETING: At the patio in the garden, 7PM Monday July 13th.

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