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New Website Feature!

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Howdy P-Patchers! A new garden season is nearly upon us, and that means more than just seed catalogues and turning covercrop. Today (March 15, 2014) is the annual garden kickoff meeting from 3-6pm at Our Redeemers Lutheran Church. Among the items on the agenda will be the introduction of new website features, including a mechanism for submitting your volunteer hours documentation (see ballardppatch.org/hours page to access the submission form).

The form is (hopefully!) fairly self-explanatory. Simply fill out the required fields and click Submit. The submitted form data is then appended to a database table, which is periodically pushed to spreadsheets located on the Ballard P-Patch Dropbox account. If you would like to receive an e-mail confirmation of you submission, include an appropriate email address (this can be used for audit purposes prior to the final hours submission to the city).

The goal of providing an online hours submission system is not to replace the log book in the shed outright, but rather to provide an alternative mechanism for documentation that some gardeners may find preferable. If you have additional questions, concerns, or ideas for improvement, please contact info@ballardppatch.org.

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