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Eleven Days Until Art in the Garden……..Meet Kari Schertzinger, One of Our Featured Artists

Kari enjoys photographing the ignored and overlooked. This comes in many forms of objects, nature, and even people. She tries to take a different view of the ordinary reminding  herself that there is beauty all around. Being drawn to the textures in life, items that have been used and weathered, animals with scales or fur, hands that are wrinkled with […]

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Twelve Days Until Art in the Garden……..Meet Nancy Hom, One of Our Featured Artists

“Nancy Hom’s mother, Sun Lan, always nurtured her daughter’s creativity by teaching her the intricacies of sewing, knitting and crocheting. These skills, coupled with her mother’s example as a sewing machine operator and freelance jewelry maker encouraged Nancy to pursue her own dreams of becoming a designer. Nancy has enjoyed success as an apparel designer for the past 30 years, […]

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Thirteen Days Until Art in the Garden….Meet Mike Pond, One of Our Featured Artists

Mike moved to the Pacific Northwest when he was only 9. He showed interest and artist ability from a young age. Being surrounded by artists in his family as far back as his great great grandfather, it is understandable where the talent stemmed from. Woodworking was the first medium Mike worked with; moving to stained glass work that he enjoyed […]

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